The Global Picture

In 2012, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that 35.3 million people were living with HIV/Aids.

To achieve universal antiretroviral treatment (ART), and as a commitment towards the UNAIDS treatment target programme 90-90-90 by 2020, the need for large scale CD4 testing has never been greater.

CD4 testing is one of the steps taken to initiate people living with HIV/Aids onto ART. Current methods of CD4 testing require venous blood samples and, at times, a lengthy waiting period. Using WHO guidelines, UNAIDs estimates that the number of people eligible for ART in low-and-middle-income countries is 25.9 million people.

As part of Omega Diagnostic's commitment to finding solutions for Global Health challenges, the VISITECT® CD4 is an instrument-free, disposable, point-of-care (POC) test for determining CD4+ T-cell counts in HIV-infected patients.

The Global Picture


Point-of-care (POC) tests have the potential to improve the management of HIV/AIDS, especially in resource-limited settings. POC tests offer rapid results, allowing for timely initiation of appropriate therapy, and/or facilitation of linkages to care, decentralisation and referral.

People living with HIV/Aids require regular blood testing to monitor HIV staging. CD4 counts are used in ART initiation. WHO guidelines recommend that all patients with 500 cells/mm3 be initiated onto treatment, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, regardless of their CD4 count. This is an estimated increase of 9 million people living with HIV/Aids who are now eligible for treatment.

VISITECT® CD4 provides an innovative POC diagnostic solution offering immediate patient results and a continuum of care in resource-limited settings. The test is ASSURED: Affordable, Sensitive, Specific, User-Friendly, Rapid and Robust, Equipment-free, Deliverable.



VISITECT® CD4 is a ground-breaking, disposable, POC test for the determination of CD4 counts in whole blood.

Developed by the Burnet Institute in Melbourne, Australia, it is based on proven lateral flow technology and provides an affordable, convenient, instrument-free solution for use in laboratories and remote clinics worldwide, enabling ART therapy to become accessible to every HIV-infected patient.

With training, the test provides an easy-to-use, instrument-free option for a plethora of healthcare workers, including clinicians, laboratory technicians, nurses, community healthcare workers and counsellors.

In supporting the progression from ART initiation of HIV+ patients, but with the knowledge that progress takes time, there will be two VISITECT® CD4 device options available:

CD4 >350

CD4 >500

Testing requires basic training, a drop of whole blood and a 40 minute waiting period. Results are semi-quantitative and can be read by eye, smartphone or reader.



At Omega Diagnostics we believe that collaboration is essential. Our commitment in partnering for health has enhanced our global health strategy of promoting greater access to care. We are part of the GMSA mHealth consortium promoting mobile technologies in health access. The VISITECT® CD4 smartphone app allows for immediate reading, interpretation and transmission of results to a central database.

To augment VISITECT® CD4, the smartphone app can be configured to capture valuable management information to reduce loss to care and follow up, including patient demographics, mapping, surveillance, supply chain management and aggregated ART.