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20 April 2018 Allersys Distribution Agreement

Omega announces that it has signed a global distribuon agreement with Immunodiagnostic Systems Limited for its Allersys® range of allergy assays.

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Omega Diagnostics and Burnet Institute announce VISITECT® CD4 CE-Marking

Omega Diagnostics, the medical diagnostics company focused on allergy, food intolerance and infectious disease, is delighted to announce it has successfully achieved CE-Marking of its VISITECT® CD4 test for supporting the management of people living with HIV, following successful performance evaluations in India and the UK. VISITECT® CD4, co-developed with the Burnet Institute, is the world’s first instrument-free and affordable rapid test for determining CD4 threshold in people living with HIV. It is designed for use at the point-of-care and provides a means for decentralisation of CD4 testing capacity to where it is most needed. VISITECT® CD4 will enable those patients in rural locations to access testing more easily and does not require investment in equipment or highly technical scientific staff to operate. The test will now go forward into further regulatory processes that are necessary before being implemented in those regions where HIV remains a significant public health chall ...

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